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    Crocs Headlights

    These beautiful crocodile light accessories will shine brightly for extra illumination while you’re out and about. You can see where you’re going for up to 72 hours with a long-lasting glow. Useful to walk in grass at night. A must have Crocs headlight.

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    Mini Flying Spinner

    The flying fidget spinner uses advanced sensor levitation technology that can intelligently determine height and distance. The built-in gyroscope can control the accuracy and sensitivity to balance it, allowing the mini drone to maintain a smooth 360° rotation.

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    Poo Slingshot

    This Xmas gift your kids this amazing poo slingshot. Your kid is surely gonna fall in love with it. Do not forget to use this infront of your friends. Grab your slingshot handle & place one poo. Now pull the poop emoji and release!

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    Christmas Flashlight Projector

    Make your Christmas more interesting & joyable with this flashlight Projection for kids. It comes with 24 different patterns. All you have to do is to put the card into the card slot thats it. An activity full of fun. Will surely make lot of great memories!

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    Motorcycle Kickstand Shoe

    This shoe keychain can be used in multi-purpose way. It looks damn cool and turn heads around. You can use it as a motorbike kickstand pad wide range of colors to choose from. Its a must have if you want catch everyones attention around you!

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    Funny Crochet Cthulhu Mask

    Its time to rock floor with this funny Crochet Cthulhu Mask this Christmas. Make everyone heads turn. Gift it your friends and family to see there reaction. This winter hat comes in different colors so choose what suits you and your loved ones!

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    Santa Claus Car Buddy

    Catch everyones attention with this Santa Claus Car Buddy riding shotgun. You can simply plug this directly into your car’s 12V DC charger and you are ready to rock on roads with this unique looking passenger!

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    Humping Dog Phone Charging Cable

    This Stray Dog Charging Cable is just gonna make your friends laugh the hell out after watching this, will do a great gag gift! made with thick copper results in fast charging. On/Off your device by touching dog. It is available in Android, iPhone & Type – C charging data cable!

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    Funny Cat Airpods Holder

    You don’t have to imagine life without an AirPods stand now. You can easily leave your headphones on the table when you run to the bathroom. We all love cats everyone will laugh when they find it in their basket. These are primarily pencil holders, but they also work with airpods!

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