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    Ditoo Plus Speaker

    Its time to play with this cute Ditoo spend hours making different pixel pictures, share with family & friends. Change settings through the app plus you can add custom pixel art. You can play music by connecting bluetooth & FM, see notifications or check weather!

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    Magnetic Shoe Stand

    This stand gives a look of a levitating shoes includes 360-degree rotation and built-in lights to show off every inch of your amazing sneakers and stay visible at all times. With a strong magnet, you can easily insert it into the heel of the show so it floats!

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    Minecraft Lantern Lamp

    Gift for Minecraft lovers light up your day & night lol, with these cool Minecraft light up torch that adds a unique twist to any fan’s collection. It has independent glowing blocks place them in any combination on a bedrock base to create custom glowing level scenes!

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    Cats Motorcycle Helmet

    Mini pet helmet is only used for making your cat look super dooper cute but also used for its safety. Can easily be used pets with heads circumference of less than 25 hence can be used for small cats or puppies. This helmet is all you could ask for.

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    Ghost Yard Decoration

    It will give your house a look you desired, and if you want to make the scarecrow get to the next level & make it scarier than ever. Make the birds in your neighborhood terrify, you can place it on your porch or use it at a party. Endure countless atrocities and horrors.

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    Optical Illusion Hole Rug

    This 3D optical Illusion rug ill look same from every angle illusion works so don’t worry about the pillows looking cool from a certain angle. The swirls look absolutely realistic no matter where you stand! This rug will amaze your friends and family!

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    Bulldog Ice Maker

    You can present this as a gift to dog lovers. Perfectly shaped bull dog ice cubes. Its a detailed dog shaped ice molds that easily slides out so you could enjoy your drinks. The silicone lid closes tightly so the molds can be neatly stacked in the fridge, saving space.

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    Chenille Monster Iphone Case

    This Moody Monster Case is a companion you never knew existed or you needed it this bad. Not only cute and stylish, but also protective. A durable, flexible case that fits snugly around the edges of your phone. Make your iphone look way more cute!

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    Melting Clock

    Unique watches can make gifts for both men and women just like this melting clock. The top is firmly attached to any flat surface. Curved surfaces indicate melting time. For hours of exciting fun, Salvador Dali Watches will be a great source of humor!

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