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    Teddy Bear Necklace

    Cute necklace includes bear face and alloy chain. This necklace with a teddy bear pendant is the ticket. Elegant and cute at the same time, this necklace is the perfect match for a jacket and jeans. Get some amazing vibes with this mini brown bear!

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    Floating Fireball Magic

    Levitating fire ball magic trick comes with DVD. A bit of old fashion stuff when it comes to DVD but still amazing magic trick to make your friends stunned. The possibilities are only limited by imagination. Comes with special tool aswell. As per written info.

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    Solar System Crystal Ball

    This amazing Solar system crystal ball is made of K9 crystal to make the ball more transparent and shiny, the names of the planets are engraved on the transparent glass ball, solar ball children’s learning model, LED lamp holder, can be used as a scientific decorative table lamp.

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    Breathable Running Shoes

    These shoes are easy to pair with your streetwear. Take advantage of future fashion and be at the forefront with Japanese men’s shoes for men! Show your boys that you are ahead of the game with perfect street fashion and unique aesthetic shoes.

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    Mini Retro Camera Phone Case

    Get a taste of some retro style camera iPhone Case. Makes your iPhone look way more cool than ever. This phone case will make you feel special when you are with your friends & family. A good option for people who love photography or cameras!

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    Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner

    Angry mama is just gonna make your microwave cleaning task a bit easier. The food is sticky and cleaning it comes with some cost like its difficult to remove without getting your elbows dirty, just fill it with water, lemon, and vinegar, pop it in the Microwave & boom!

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    Universal Car Cup Holder

    This Universal Car Cup Holder can be placed on the back of the car seat with a glass of water or a drink by the door. It fits regular sized cans, water bottles and juice boxes. It can be easily installed by sliding between the door panel and the easily accessible window.

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    Oreo Airpods Pro Case

    Get ready Oreo lovers! this is Compatible with AirPods 1, 2 and Pro. Comes with a protective black silicone hook clip Soft and comfortable. No need to remove the case. Compatible with wireless charging base Easy to put on and take off for travel uses!

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    M&Ms Airpods Pro Case

    This cute M&Ms Apple Airpods case quite easy to install and remove, and the charging port is reserved at the bottom. This cute M&M Bean case is perfect for Apple Airpods charging case. It can be charged without removing the case. Its for you if you’re a lover of M&Ms.

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