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    Cute Ice Cream Water Bottle

    This leak proof cute icecream shaped water bottle holds upto 10oz/300ml of liquid, The unique shape of the ice cream, catches everyones attention. It also makes your kids love to drink water. Also suitable for indoor and outdoor use like travel, sports & beach!

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    Cute Little Girl Planter

    This Cute Little Planter – pots come with 12 different acrylics colors & you can paint them yourself. The plant face pots have a drain excess as well. Make your plants roots grow well. Can certainly gifted to friends & family who like to plant plants or DIY!

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    Moon & Star Projector

    Overall the product is small. The dome is made of thin plastic film. But still your kids gonna love it, the star and moon pattern plus its amazing color combinations and the fact that it spins is great as it helps the kids sleep as they watch the pattern move across the ceiling.

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    Lizard Slime Bottle

    Open the bottle and release the lizard! This cute, bright paste features one of a variety of stylized lizards in the center of each bottle. Ideal for sensory seekers, sold individually or in sets of 2. It stains the clothes but can be great for Halloween decoration!

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    Hidden Camera Detector

    Hidden Cam Detector is quite easy to assemble and use. The keychain is also a screwdriver, so it multi tasking. A good investment for peace of mind and protection if you travel a lot. Detect spy cams now!

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    Funny Golf Socks

    Putting on fun socks can never go wrong. They receive great response, dont expect it to be thick socks but it can be a hilarious gift indeed! Any golf lover will be delighted to receive these fun socks. Great golf gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

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    Glowing Sticky Balls

    With power to absorb light whether sunlight or lamplight presenting you a super soft glowing ball – no fear of it breaking. It will help you make your day better, this squishy ball helps fight stress also. Play with it as you want throw it on ceiling and wait for it to fall!

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    Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

    Tired of buying almost same decorations stuff every year. Each roll contains 500 thick sheets – does a good job as tissue paper & decorates your house as well. A toilet paper gift that puts a smile on others face. This paper is surely gonna take attention of your guests!

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    Interactive UV Lights Shirt

    Its time to steal everyone’s attention, get all eyes on you! This UV Light Shirt lets you make doodle all lover with the help of light pen. Made out of 100% cotton, totally comfortable. It has the potential to be a great birthday gift – can be weared at festivals!

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