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    Keep Calm poster might be the perfect attractive & humours gifts one could give. We know you guys have been blaming lag for a long time now, why not make your motivational quote hang on wall. No need to clarify when you get knocked out, show this instead!

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    Reusable Water Balloons

    Tired of buying fill up balloons? we know it, that’s why we love reusable water balloons. Definitely, worth your every penny. This can be great for kids outdoors activities. Remind your kids is to avoid throwing these balloons on face as they are a bit tough!

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    Glowing Faceless Dwarf Plush Doll

    Halloween dwarf doll is designed for adults and children so they can play at home, where ever you are it doesn’t matter now this faceless dwarf can be perfect to reduce your stressful day. Designed in quite a good way its pattern and vibrant colors will add sparkle to your home.

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    Deadpool Charging Phone & Controller Holder

    I bet you haven’t seen much cooler & funny controller holder for your gaming consoles or for your phone. Great built quality works perfect for your Xbox or PS5 controller. Deadpool controller holder will grab everyone attention – indeed a nice addition to your accessories!

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    Gaming Controller for iPhone

    This expensive looking gaming controller for iphone can be played almost anywhere, all you need is a strong internet connection. Gives a premium feel when get your hands on with it. Forget lag and start streaming all of your favourite games!

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    Coke Napkin Dispenser

    This Coke Napkins Dispenser is like a retro style of home decor, it might be just perfect for you! It looks like a 1950s diner napkin holder with a pure clean look. You can put it at your outdoor kitchen and use it when guests come over. Well, finding the perfect size napkins might be challenge!

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    Ides of March Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar pen holder can actually hold up to 7 pens, pencils, even other standard size small tools. Pencils can be stored securely and will not fall off. It’s kind of cool to have this on your desk, not only it can be great gift for your history teachers as well!

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    Nostalgic Countertop Jukebox

    This amazing Nostalgic Countertop Jukebox will be perfect size for the top of a small book shelf. Lights are bright and gives an cool effect.You can connect bluetooth quickly and easily to your phone, so it will actually take your jam session to the next level!

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  • Umbilical cord iphone charger
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    Umbilical Cord Charging Cable

    An iPhone charger which looks like umbilical cord that lights up while charging. People carry their iPhone with them for the most of the time. This was created to be like a umbilical cord that gives strength to a child from her mother. Ironically showing their iPhone addiction.

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