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  • Umbilical cord iphone charger
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    Umbilical Cord Charging Cable

    An iPhone charger which looks like umbilical cord that lights up while charging. People carry their iPhone with them for the most of the time. This was created to be like a umbilical cord that gives strength to a child from her mother. Ironically showing their iPhone addiction.

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  • Pooping dogs calendar
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    Pooping Dogs Calendar

    Its a big hit as a gift for an adult white elephant gift exchange. Once opened, it rotates vertically like a traditional hanging calendar. Except there’s no hole at the top to actually hang it on. To do this, you need to make a hole in each page. Just the perfect calendar you need!

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  • Disappearing Swim Shorts
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    Disappearing Swim Shorts

    Swim shorts will work like a charm for a fun prank! It takes over a few seconds to disappear and your friend wouldn’t even know they are different from regular swim shorts. Finding perfect prank shorts? look no further then because now disappearing shorts are here!!

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  • Toilet Fishing Game
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    Toilet Fishing Game

    Great time pass in the bathroom, it comes with a small reservoir that you can place on the lid and fill with real water. The quality of the fish and even the fishing rods are amazing. Definitely, all the kids will steal it and will play with it. Lol, I would say it’s good for all ages and for all occasions!
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  • Hands Underpants
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    Hands Underpants

    Don’t look any further when looking for underwear for your hands. The stitches are small, so you don’t have to worry about underwear, even if you wear gloves outside. Make your friends, and family laugh, and gift them on special occasions!!!
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  • I pee in pool cap
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    I Pee In Pool Hat

    Probably the best money you would spend in a long time! Lol!! make children think twice and parents smile. Wear it now in the pool! If you actually want to stand out in and out of the pool, you should go for it this one. It makes children think and parents smile!!
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  • Funny sperm t shirt
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    Funny Sperm T-Shirt

    Fact speaking shirt isn’t it? This funny Sperm Birthday T-shirt will blow your friends and family away! Everybody knows we all were a little Sperm once, show off your and others’ old photo! It surely is a great gag gift for birthdays and special occasions!
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  • Remote Control Cockroach
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    Remote Control Cockroach

    Just seeing anyone laugh as you tease someone with this Cockroach RC will make your time really worth everything. It will make a perfect gift for pets as well, It’s not hard now to find great gag gifts as this is the product your family and friends look forward to each year!
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  • Humorous Boxers
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    Humorous Boxers

    Surely very good, soft and machine wash friendly, buy these for your friends because they will totally love them. Everyone around will love it! the price will surely be justified once you wear these boxers. Tired of your husband usual boring underwears give this as a gift and he will love it.
    $17.99 check it out
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