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  • Giant momma undies
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    Giant Momma Undies

    Big bottoms, big laughs! These giant granny panties do just that. Also makes great decorations for bachelor parties. Imagine letting a couple of your roommates dry in the dryer, cupboard, or outside, the look on their faces is priceless. This might be the biggest underwear you’ve ever seen.
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    Ball Shaped Sandal Flair Attachment

    Crocticles are made from high quality materials and are durable and built to last. Whether you want to prank your friends or just add fun to your outfit, Crocticles are the perfect choice! Introducing Crocticles, the perfect charm for your sandals! This gag will make everyone laugh and is sure to grab your attention.
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  • Nyan Cat Cookie Cutter
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    Nyan Cat Cookie Cutter

    Rainbow-looking Nyan Cat of flying pop tart fame is now available in 3D printed cookie cutters! The cookie cutters are printed with PLA Plus, 10 times stronger than regular PLA, making the cookie cutter more durable. PLA Plus contains ingredients that are safe for contact with food.
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  • Cat Butt Cookie Cutter
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    Cat Butt Cookie Cutter

    This kitty will make the cutest cookies for friends and family. Makes a great gag gift. Approximately 4 inches tall and made from food-safe biodegradable PLA plastic. Use non-raising dough recipes to get the best-looking cookie in the town!
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  • SpyX LED Light Glove
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    SpyX LED Light Glove

    These cool SpyX LED gloves strap shines in your hand & the elastic strap fits your wrist perfectly wrapping 4 LED lights around your four fingers. This toy will make you pretty much able to see in the dark while playing.

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  • Funny Adult Car Air Freshener
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    Funny Adult Car Air Freshener

    Made with natural essential oils. A hanging air freshener that you most probably have never seen before! As long as the air purifier is hanging from your rearview mirror, the compliments will pour in.
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  • Squirrel Standing in Underwear Funny Air Freshener
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    Squirrel Funny Air Freshener

    Enough of roaming around the trees shamelessly, it’s no good, so why not wear panties? It is a special air freshener with a fresh forest scent. Comes with a string for easy hanging. Indeed it makes great gift stuff!
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  • Grow a Boyfriend
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    Grow a Boyfriend

    Feeling lonely as you don’t have anyone by your side? Add this little boyfriend into the water and let it be there. Within 72 hours it will grow to full size approximately 6 times its original size.

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  • LightSaber Chopsticks
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    LightSaber Chopsticks

    LightSaber Chopsticks make you feel out of this world with their amazing lighting feature. Impress your relatives at your dining table. Enjoy sushi, noodles & Thai foods with these amazing light-up chopsticks.

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