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    Optical Illusion Hole Rug

    This 3D optical Illusion rug ill look same from every angle illusion works so don’t worry about the pillows looking cool from a certain angle. The swirls look absolutely realistic no matter where you stand! This rug will amaze your friends and family!

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    Bulldog Ice Maker

    You can present this as a gift to dog lovers. Perfectly shaped bull dog ice cubes. Its a detailed dog shaped ice molds that easily slides out so you could enjoy your drinks. The silicone lid closes tightly so the molds can be neatly stacked in the fridge, saving space.

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    Chenille Monster Iphone Case

    This Moody Monster Case is a companion you never knew existed or you needed it this bad. Not only cute and stylish, but also protective. A durable, flexible case that fits snugly around the edges of your phone. Make your iphone look way more cute!

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    Melting Clock

    Unique watches can make gifts for both men and women just like this melting clock. The top is firmly attached to any flat surface. Curved surfaces indicate melting time. For hours of exciting fun, Salvador Dali Watches will be a great source of humor!

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    Laughing Faucet Extender

    Joy flows out! The Larva Cartoon Kid faucet extension provides easy access to the sink faucet and protects the mini faucet from hard and sharp edges. Childrens will love to wash their hands now. It Saves about 30% of water flow plus Safe and odorless soft silicone.

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    Cute Dog Tissue Holder

    Grab this adorable dog tissue box and keep everyone on the go. Cute and functional. Your family and friends will enjoy this personalized car look on the go! Its a little weird to pull out tissue off its back, but it’s so cute. Watch this super cute hanging on your car seat!

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    Spider-Man Mask

    If you are a Spider-Man fan, you won’t want to miss this mask. Spiderman is one of the greatest superheroes and this cool and beautiful spiderman style mask can help you to transform into your favourite superhero. Wearable in costume parties, and more.

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    Brown Chunky Loafers

    Upgrade your shoe collection with these heels from the limited collection. Made of faux leather, thick non-slip sole, cushioned midsole for extra comfort, black steering wheel and rounded toe. The perfect way to add something different to your company wardrobe.

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    Rose Flower Glass Dome

    The rose flower glass dome made of glass makes it clear and durable. Bright fake roses with pyrex lids will make your room a charming decoration. Battery operated, powered and looks authentic and natural in warm light. Mini couple makes it look more cute!

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